MarViva Foundation is an international, non governmental, non profit organisation that works for the conservation and sustainable management of marine and coastal resources.

Marine preservation can only be achieved through a holistic, comprehensive approach, and that is why MarViva´s mission is to support the conservation and management of marine and coastal resources through actions that promote a sustainable marine spatial planning.

MarViva supports the management and surveillance of several Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, and also provides legal expertise to the governments in the region in order to generate and promote legislation that creates new Protected Areas and safeguards them. Internationally, MarViva works in creating awareness about marine conservation with different approaches, which include coproducing films like The End of the Line (2009) or supporting the Fish2Fork campaign.

MarViva was born in 2002 thanks to the vision of founder and president Erica Knie, who –working for AVINA during a trip through the region— realised how prevalent and serious the problem of illegal fishing was.

In order to fulfil its mission, MarViva counts on four programmes in the Eastern Tropical Pacific region: Control and Surveillance, Policy Advocacy, Awareness and Communication, and Science and Communities.

In Europe, MarViva has worked with allies to create awareness about marine conservation, support marine research, and influence policy makers and the public in general.

Since 2008, MarViva has partnered with Oceana in the Mediterranean region in order to investigate cases of illegal fishing and identify marine areas that should be protected because of their ecologic worth. MarViva and Oceana have partnered to deploy three experts to the Doha Summit of CITES (Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna And Flora).

Watch some pictures of the MarViva-Oceana expedition in the Mediterranean.

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