Tuna’s End, by New York Times Magazine

On the morning of June 4, in the international waters south of Malta, the Greenpeace vessels Rainbow Warrior and Arctic Sunrise deployed eight inflatable Zodiacs and skiffs into the azure surface of the Mediterranean. Protesters aboard donned helmets and took up DayGlo flags and plywood shields. With the organization’s observation helicopter hovering above, the pilots [...]

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Beyond duplicity and ignorance in global fisheries, by Daniel Pauly

SUMMARY: The three decades following World War II were a period of rapidly increasing fishing effort and landings, but also of spectacular collapses, particularly in small pelagic fish stocks. This is also the period in which a toxic triad of catch underreporting, ignoring scientific advice and blaming the environment emerged as standard response to ongoing [...]

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Towards sustainability in world fisheries, by Daniel Pauly, Villy Christensen, Sylvie Guénette, Tony J. Pitcher, U. Rashid Sumaila, Carl J. Walters, R. Watson & Dirk Zeller

Fisheries have rarely been ‘sustainable’. Rather, fishing has induced serial depletions, long masked by improved technology, geographic expansion and exploitation of previously spurned species lower in the food web. With global catches declining since the late 1980s, continuation of present trends will lead to supply shortfall, for which aquaculture cannot be expected to compensate, and [...]

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Declaración de la UICN sobre el derrame de petróleo en el Golfo de México

INTERNATIONAL UNION FOR CONSERVATION OF NATURE 7 de junio de 2010 La demanda creciente de energía nos conduce a situaciones más tensas y agrava el riesgo de accidentes catastróficos que conllevan un costo elevadísimo, tanto para los medios de subsistencia humanos como para los ecosistemas. No contamos actualmente con tecnologías capaces de minimizar los riesgos [...]

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All gone? A controversial projection of exhausted fisheries led to a new look at the oceans, by New Focus

Doomsday will come to fishes across the world’s oceans by 2048. That was the startling implication of findings published in 2006 by marine ecologist Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and several colleagues. Stokstad_2009

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Prized Bluefin Tuna Adrift in a Sea of Conflicting Interests, By Suvendrini Kakuchi IPS

“The solution is quite simple if governments really want to protect bluefin tuna,” says Wakao Hanaoka, tuna expert at Greenpeace Japan, a leading environmental non-governmental organisation. “Trading in the species must be based on its natural lifecycle and not on short-term profits alone,” he adds.

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CNN Interviews Ted Danson about The End of the Line

Actor´s efforts to save tuna

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My fight for fish. By: Charles Clover

It was when a third of the cinema audience sprang to its feet shouting at us, and my wife, fearing violence, slipped out of the side door, that I began wondering if we had taken on more than we could handle. The screening last month of The End of the Line in Malta, the centre of the Mediterranean bluefin tuna industry, was the closest I have yet come to a riot since I first pointed out that overfishing is killing our oceans.

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Japan’s eco-credentials assailed. By: Eric Johnston

2010 has been designated the international year of biodiversity, and international attention on Japanese policies toward such endangered species comes at a time when the government is stepping up domestic efforts to prepare for COP10.

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History repeats itself: the path to extinction is still paved with greed and waste. By: Jeremy Hance

The story of the Atlantic bluefin tuna is a long and mostly irrational one—that is if one looks at the Atlantic bluefin from a scientific, ecologic, moral, or common-sense perspective.

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